Alberta Talks in speech bubbles next to heading Moratorium on Renewable Energy Ends
Images of houses, phone and internet connections, farms, and large buildings next to text: WHAT HAPPENED?  On August 3, 2023, Premier Smith directed the Alberta Utilities Commission to halt approval of large scale renewable energy projects until February 29, 2024. Between Oct 2023 and Feb 2024, our team supported hundreds of Albertans from all walks of life and across the province in addressing this short-sighted and politically motivated decision in the face of climate change and the rising cost of living.
1 - Hands raised over a heart next to: 32 volunteers and 5 staff completed 44 phonebanks. 2 - A clipboard for a petition next to: 528 hours on the dialer = 11451 conversation attempts. 3 - Two overlapping speech bubbles next to: 1813 complete, meaningful conversations
Title: METHOD AND IMPACT next to a heart. Text below: We have approached this campaign with the compassion and curiosity of the Deep Canvassing tactic, while retaining the pace and efficiency of traditional outreach practices. This powerful mix allowed us to build consensus on polarizing issues and reach across lines of difference
1 - A clipboard for a petition next to: 92 percent added their name in support of ending the ban on large-scale renewable energy in Alberta. 2 - An image of a lawn sign next to: 79 percent want to display a lawn sign in support of renewable energy in Alberta. 3 - An image of a megaphone next to: 688 Albertans put direct pressure on their MLA at the end of our conversation.
Title “What's Next?” next to a community holding hands. Below text reads: “END THE BAN campaign was just the first step towards dismantling the status quo where the rights of long-time and new Albertans alike are ignored and violated with initiatives like APP, so-called “parental rights” bill, coal mining in the Rockies and other issues shared on the phone with us. Life-altering decisions like these can no longer be swept under the table because we have shown how strong we are when we stand TOGETHER.
We commit to continuing our growth as organizers, cultivating volunteer and staff wellbeing and building a lasting, sustainable climate action community. STAY TUNED FOR UPDATES! THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! May every being be safe, happy, healthy, and live with ease.