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Sign our petition today. Let your government know that you no longer want to see oil & gas corporations getting tax breaks.

Many Albertans are struggling with high costs of living and underfunded education and healthcare in our province.

This is happening at the same time that the provincial government is giving substantial tax breaks to oil & gas corporations. These tax breaks also contribute to carbon pollution in Alberta, while oil and gas corporations are making record profits.

What kind of future do you envision if we spent billions of dollars on the things that matter most to Albertans?

The Alberta government could spend your hard-earned tax dollars on things like retraining oil and gas workers in renewable energies and investing in education and healthcare!

We think it’s time for a new normal. We are ready for a better future!

Tax breaks to highly profitable oil & gas corporations are not helping struggling Albertans and make no sense. Ending tax breaks is about holding industries and the government accountable, to defend people’s needs and to make sure our lives – and the lives of those we care about – are more fair, safe and secure.

We need our Alberta government to take action.

This is possible and will happen if a majority of us come together and use our voice to ask the government to end tax breaks to oil & gas corporations and instead invest in things we truly benefit from, like quality healthcare and education.

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Ask our government to end tax breaks to oil & gas corporations, and instead invest in things that will help achieve the more affordable, healthier, and all around better life we desire.

Sign the petition today.